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Necessity is truly the mother of invention.  These new drift indicators have been in the work’s for a couple years now (you might of even been one of my test pilots).

The spin on this product is the two-tone color. We use Jose Feliciano Green and Stevie Wounder Orange (you can even see it if you can’t see) and white (the ultimate camo, water foam).  So it’s high-vis to an angler but invisible to fish.

Another twist is the plastic pin we use, doesn’t get water logged and is a great indication that your flies are under your indicator or as we say, HUNTING FOR TROUT.

I will be selling them at your favorite fly shop, for now available at the Trout Fly/Troutfitter in Mammoth Lakes, Reagan's Sporting Goods, Marriotts and The Fishermens Spot.

 The kit comes with a dozen indicators, three different sizes, designed for the Eastern Sierra.

·        Small, perfect for our tecnical spring creek waters of Hot Creek.

·        Medium, for our free-stone river.

·        Large, perfect for supporting more weight when fishing the deeper tail-waters of our region.

The kit comes with extra pins and rubber bands for those of you that prefer different attachment techniques.

            $11.95 for complete kit                


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