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Necessity is truly the mother of invention.  These new drift indicators have been in the work’s for a couple years now (you might of even been one of my test pilots).

The spin on this product is the two-tone color. We use Jose Feliciano Green, Stevie Wounder Orange and new for 2018 Hellen Keller Pink  (you can even see it if you can’t see) and white (the ultimate camo, water foam).

  It’s high-vis to an angler but invisible to the fish.

Another twist is the plastic pin we use, doesn’t get water logged and is a great indication that your flies are under your indicator or as we say, HUNTING FOR TROUT.

 Available at the Trout Fly/Troutfitter in Mammoth Lakes, Reagan's Sporting Goods, Marriotts and The Fishermens Spot.

 The kit comes with a dozen indicators, three different sizes, designed for the Eastern Sierra.

·        Small, perfect for our tecnical spring creek waters of Hot Creek.

·        Medium, for our free-stone river.

·        Large, perfect for supporting more weight when fishing the deeper tail-waters of our region.

The kit comes with extra pins and rubber bands for those of you that prefer different attachment techniques.

            $14.95 for complete kit                


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